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Animal Liability Insurance for Dogs, Cats & Other Pets

Animal liability insurance and dog liability insurance can help pay for damages caused by your pets. So many pet owners buy animal liability insurance to protect their assets. And sometimes a dog owner needs it because his animal control officer requires it as a condition to keep his dog. And without it, sadly, the dog might be euthanized.

But Don’t Worry Because We Provide a Wide Range of Options for Pet Owners.

We can help owners of dogs that are classified as “dangerous” breeds such as Pit Bulls. And we also have solutions for owners of service dogs, therapy dogs, working dogs, and dogs with a bite history. We welcome cat owners too. But that’s not all. We can also help people who own snakes, birds, exotic cats, tarantulas, primates, and much more.

But What Is Animal Liability Insurance?

Animal liability insurance helps pay costs incurred if your dog or pet injures someone or damages property. It pays for other people’s damages and does not pay for injury to members of your household. It will sometime pay to repair property that you rent from a landlord. If you need property damage to satisfy a landlord who would want to be reimbursed if your dog scratched the carpet, let us know right away since most insurance policies don’t provide this type of coverage. We can offer this coverage. But it is not automatically included.

And How Does Pet Liability Insurance Work?

If your dog greets a neighbor by jumping up to lick her face and she falls down, any injury she suffers could be your responsibility. Your animal liability insurance is meant to help take care of her medical costs. Likewise, it is meant to help pay veterinary bills if your dog injures another animal. Other types of damages can also be covered such as dog bites and scratches.

How Can I Get Dog Owner Liability Insurance at DangerousDogInsurance.com™?

We can help all dog owners including those whose dog has been deemed dangerous or whose breed is considered “dangerous”.  We can help every type of dog owner including those who have a dog that has never bitten and has not been deemed dangerous. You can start by getting an instant quote online. Click here to get an instant quote online.

But What About My Homeowner Insurance? Does It Provide Dog Bite Liability?

Sometimes the liability limits for pet claims are lower than your insurance policy limits. For example, if you have a $300,000 liability limit, you may have a sublimit of only $25,000 to cover animal claims. And some policies provide no animal liability coverage at all, even if you never had a dog bite claim in the past. And many homeowner insurance policies exclude coverage for dogs with a previous bite history and for dog breeds that insurance companies classify as dangerous. For example, some dog breeds considered “dangerous” by insurance companies include Pit Bulls, Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, Great Danes, Siberian Huskies, Wolf Hybrids, Akitas, Chows, and Alaskan Malamutes. But don’t worry about trying to determine if your homeowner insurance policy covers animal liability claims. Contact us and we will review your policy for free so that you can know what steps you need to take to try to protect yourself. As always, the best way to protect yourself from dog bite claims is to prevent accidents. Restrain your dog. Use a leash. Use a muzzle. Lock your dog in a bedroom if a plumber comes into your house to fix your kitchen sink. Take precautions when your dog is around strangers. Restrain your dog so that he can’t chase the mailman. Mistakes will happen. And that’s why you buy insurance.